1280x720P HD Spy Sunglass Video camera support Video and photo

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Product introduction

Digital camera with glasses TF card memory to shoot high-definition video this product is simple compact beautiful and practical easy to carry is security education family life in the fields of essential utilities favored by the users.

operating instructions

1. Power on

Long press power button red and blue lights on. After initialize blue lights always on. It enters the standby mode. (If without any other operations for 1minutes it will shut down automatically If without inserting any memory card the two lights shinning interchange after 30 seconds it shuts down automatically).

2. Power off

If without any operations for 1minutes in standby mode it will shut down automatically.

3. Record video

Press Video button one time in standby mode blue light shinning 3 times and go off it starts recording video. Press video button 1 time again to stop blue light shinning 1 time and save a .AVI video file. It enters into standby mode.

4. Take photo

Press power button one time in standby mode blue light shining 3 times and enter into photo mode to take a 1600 1200 .JPG photo. Long press the power button to stop photo mode to enter into standby mode.

5. Lower battery

If low battery the two lights shinning interchange 3 seconds it will save the files and shuts down.

6. Reset

If no reaction press the reset hole.

7. Slots

USB slot: To connect to PC or charger to transfer files and charge.

TF slot: To insert memory card for saving photo and video files.

8. Camera lens

To shoot the things you want.

9、The mobile disk:

In shutdown state insert TF card (chart 2) directly to your computer USB interface the computer will pop up mobile disk you can also be found in the "my computer" drive "removable disk". When the machine is connected to the computer the machine as a mobile disk has already started to work for the computer you can be very convenient with computer view transmit copy delete files. The native video file record for: disc _DCIM 100 dscim. Need to uninstall this machine please click on the lower right corner of the taskbar icon portable equipment in unloading the removable storage devices to confirm safe to pull out after the hardware system and then disconnect the machine with a computer

Note: according to the different computer configuration or system identify the removable disk will be slightly different please be patient had better not to the camera during the period of the operation so as not to affect computer identification of hardware if long time did not identify the removable disk please try to insert if still can't identify the hardware please make sure your operating system drivers USB interface connecting line is normal

10、Computer network camera features:

First you must be installed on your computer included the camera in the cd-rom drive. The included disc into your computer drive run disc STK03N. Camera driver installation exe installed after the camera driver can use the computer camera. Boot after connecting the computer the machine into the PC Camera (webcam) model in this mode you can easily video chat with friend photo shooting and so on. Open the webcam picture: double-click my computer rarr

Note: this confidential under the boot state (or no card) connecting USB can enter into web camera function.


Use of the machine is equipped with the charger or directly connect the computer USB interface can be to charge of the machine when the batteries are in a state of charging the red light flashing after a full charge long red light. Note: the camera built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery no memory effect can be in charge but the original five times before use please put the battery recharging after using it to saturation to activate the battery capacity for standard working hours. To maximize battery storage capacity per charge please continue to charge after the indicator light indicating charged 30 to 60 minutes.

12、Time changes:

Camera provides shows the time in the video file video function you can according to the actual needs set up time time format for years. Month. Day: points: seconds. Set as follows connected to the computer find the mobile disk the disk space right click the mouse moved to the "new" on the popup menu - gt "a text document" to the document named "time" (the letter must be lowercase) its extension ". TXT ". You can also on the desktop in accordance with the method described above to build such a folder and then copy to disk folder. Open the folder time setup time format such as: 2000.01.01 00:00:00 year month day and when minutes and seconds between separated by Spaces. And then save. Save the file after the safety exit hardware boot complete set. Time set up after the video file of the time just with you to set the time between one. Note: after the time set must to come into force after the phone is switched on. Native disc modified tools there is a TIME of TIME in the machine to a computer first appeared after the USB double-click the batch file (TIME. Bat).

13 exception handling:

Boot blue lights flashing. Insert the card is good or the card is damaged.

Camera is accidentally improper operation or other special reasons to stop response please press the reset button and restart again after use.

Can't boot if there is a battery please charge Press reset (chart 3) turn the power off and restart.

Don't video: card whether good or damaged.

Don't al computer: please make sure your operating system drivers USB interface connecting line is all.

Disk space capacity TF card is good or damaged.

Related parameters

project Related parameters

video format AVI

Video coding MJPEG

The video resolution 1920 1080 1280 720

video frame rate 20~30fps

Player softwar The operating system or bring the mainstream video player software

Image format JPG 4032 3024

Image 5M pix

Image scale 16:9

Support system Windows me/2000 xp 2003/vista:M

Battery capacity 300mAh

Charging voltage DC-5V

USB interface type MINI 8pin USB

Storage support micro SD card

battery Type high capacity polymer lithium battery