Sunglasses PTT Walkie Talkie with A Pair 500 meters Interphone

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This is the first Sunglasses Interphone The product is no need to apply for a license no network restrictions without any call charges free speaking one click let you really put it down. Design is novel simple fashionable and generous beautiful and practical its unique design mirrors back the details of the soft pad so more comfortable to wear. Easy to carry the characteristics of a public relations company / production company entertainment festive service organization events travel agencies construction / renovation company community service outdoor sports life and other areas of utility by the majority of users. china wholesale electronics sunglass Walkie Talkie.

Notice: Price is for Pair.

fine unique style sunglasses with polarized lenses international canblock 100 UV A UV-B UV-C and harmful blue light.

the lens can be turned on lightweight frame material offers all-day comfort.

the machine can be one to one one to many at the same time speaking

the effective communication distance up to 500M (depending on the specific terrain case may be)

the use of rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery charging with automatic protection

battery indicator low battery warning

auto squelch auto save power

Transmit power gt 55mW

Frequency deviation lt 500Hz

Launch current lt 90mA

Video frame rate 30fps plusmn 1 fps

Modulation sensitivity 20 plusmn 5mV

Modulation limiting lt 2.4KHz

Modulation Distortion lt 3

Spurious emissions lt 55dB

Receiver Sensitivity -120dBm

Headphone output lt 0.4 W

Audio distortion lt 5

Receive Current lt 80mA

Shutdown Current lt 10uA

Working voltage 4.2V

Standby time 10 H

Net weight 60g

Frequency Range 409.75MHz-410.1375MHz (Users can customize the frequency band in the countries 325MHz-385MHz or 390MHz-470MHz to choose between.)

Operating temperature -20 deg C to+ 60 deg C

Product Dimensions 170mm x 160mm x 40mm

Package Contents:
2 Sunglass Walkie Talkie

2 Power Charger

2 USB Cable

2 Clean Clothes

2 User Manual