Wrist Watch Super Slim Hidden Spy camera 8GB support photo video and voice recorder

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USB transfer speed: 2.0 (Hs)

video format: AVI format

memory optional: 8GB

support photos camera recording the object induction camera function

built-in lithium battery


1 this camera watch built-in rechargeable type lithium battery can be on the watch USB plug and charger connection or insert computer USB interface can charge correct connection camera watch traffic lights light up a green light shine when the green light to stop twinkle electro - already enough now please stop charging.

2 in the video such as low battery cameras automatic shutdown before the shutdown system will automatically save video files and then shut down to ensure the safety of the file.

Operation methods:

1. Boot: long press the key to open the green light then enter the camera standby state.

2. Camera: in standby state press the switch machine key turns green scintillation 3 times at this time into the camera fast according to switch machine two stop and save

3. Photo: in the standby mode press the Photo button red light flashing take a picture and save.

4. Separate recording: in standby mode long press the record button red light flashing three enter a separate recording then press a separate recording key to pause and save.

5. Shutdown: in the standby mode press the start button red light flashing three down.

6. Reset key: if there is a crash phenomenon please take pictures and switch machine keys at the same time to reset.

7 Change time: USB connect to the computer there is a text file in memory in memory time to display the change into the time.

Please note that the format must be correct less than two (such as 8 to be written in 08) to maintain a certain amount of time in seconds the time set will be saved in the video.

Connect the computer:

1 check your computer if there is a USB port (some computers can find back end USB port and can't find front USB ports if necessary please contact system supplier contact).

2 use the machine equipped with USB extension line connected to the PC USB interface correct connection you can be in the "my computer" find "mobile disk" plate character.

3 when the camera watch connected to the PC PC camera watch as the mobile hard disk has already started to work. Then you can through the computer very convenient view video files transmission copy and paste and delete data (audio and video files etc.) also can store the music file

4 pop-up USB device:

A:double-click Windows interface "safe remove hardware" icon (lower right corner green arrow).

B:In the "security delete hardware" dialog box select "stop". C:Choose to stop equipment select the "ok" the equipment is safe to delete lower right corner green arrow pop-up "safety is deleted hardware" information tooltip "' amount of USB Mass Storage Device 'equipment now can be safely removed from the system".

D:Close the "safety delete hardware" dialog box.

E:Disconnect player and a connection between the PC

Technical specifications

connection computer USB2.0

memory 8GB

charging limiting voltage 4.2V

battery specification:3.7V/260mAh

charging time 2 mdash mdash 3H

video video current 110 -120mAh

video forma AVI