7 Inch Color 2 outdoor night vision camera Video Doorphone Intercom System for Villa Home Surveillance Device

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. 2 outdoor nightvision camera 3 indoor monitor

. With calls surveillance intercom unlock hands-free indoor two-way intercom call. Do Not Disturb

. 7-inch TFT LCD no radiation low power high-definition widescreen images ultra-thin tungsten steel brushed aluminum panel color hands-free case.

. Hands-free intercom function.

. Electronic control lock function.

. Monitoring outdoor functions.

. Image brightness color and volume can be adjusted.

. Oxidation and wear-resistant surface treatment of aluminum alloy outdoor unit.

. The indoor ultra-thin design aluminum panels electroplating button beautiful and luxurious filling.

. 12 polyphonic sound optional will not always hear the monotone of the doorbell.

. Spray Shala Si aluminum alloy outdoor unit casing with infrared night vision function luxury high-end embedded installation.

. All of our products have a drag from 1 to 1 - 1 to 6 2 to 4.

Indoor unit
Display: 7 inch TFT

System: PAL/NTSC (optional)

Model: hb070-am121-124

Pixels:840 234

Viewing angle:65 deg /65 deg /40 deg /65 deg

Brightness(cd/m2): 250

Indoor unit dimension: 235.5 165.5 32 mm

Net weight: 563g

Power supply: DC15V/1200MA

Power consumption :8W

Delay calling time(s): 120s plusmn 10

Delay monitoring time(s): 40s plusmn 10

Valid distance: 50m(4 0.65mm2)

Tramsmitting dstance of the image:about 200m

Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Storage temperature :-20℃~+60℃

Outdoor unit:
dimension(mm): 126 95 35mm

Camera type: color cmos1030 or color ccd

Pixels : PAL:628 582 NTSC:510 492

Net weight: 40g

Power consumption: 4W

Resolution: gt 420 line

System: PAL/NTSC (optional)

Focus: 3.6mm

Viewing angle: 92 deg

Other functions:
pictures can increase storage function
can be connected to the company of a few other outdoorphone
can realize the function and more than yituo with indoor function

Package Indluding:
2 outdoor station

3 Indoor Monitor

3 Power Charger

2 Connection cable

1 Small parts

1 Instruction manual