Mini kamera 1080P T190 180 laipsnių Wide lęšiu palaiko TV prijungimą

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This is a video and audio recording pen with the high-definition of H.264 HD 1080P for conference and lectures. It has high-definition video images and high-fidelity audio and it is small in volume and convenient in use. The built-in aluminum battery of 950milliampere can be used to record video for 100 minutes and it can support 128GB TF card to the most.

Product Features

H.264 compressed format and the FULL HD1080P DV DC with high-quality images and high-fidelity

audio Imported high-definition glass lens of six layers+import SENSOR

Small shape design and portable hand-held DV DC

Video format:1920X1080P

Photo mode:12M(4032X3024)

Video can be recorded when it is charged

USB 2.0 port of high-speed transmission

T-flash card which can support 128G to the most

Support TV OUT connection with TV surveillance video

Built-in lithium battery can be used to record for 100 minutes continuously

Operation Instruction

Battery charging:

Rechargeable lithium battery is built in the machine. It can be charged in the following ways when this machine is used for the first time:

1) Connect the battery to a computer by the USB to charge it.

2) The blue light will be on for a long time when the battery is charged. Then the yellow-blue light will be on to show that it is fully charged. (it will be fully charged within about three hours)

Attention: 1: If the battery power is low the yellow blue light will double flash for 5 seconds. The machine will be off automatically when video-recording

is stopped (Video files have been saved). Please charge the battery of this machine in time.

2: If the T card is fully recorded the yellow blue light of the DV will flash for 8 seconds. Then the machine will be stun down and enter the protection state directly (Save the file and automatically shut down). The recorded video file has been saved.

3: If there is no card when the machine is started the yellow blue light will flash for five seconds before it is shut down.

4: If there is working mode after the machine is on the machine will be off automatically within one minute.

One cable with three functions:

USB has a TV line. 1: The line can be connected to the computer to charge the battery or to transmit the data.

2: It can be connected with the TV OUT screen for display.

3: USB can be inserted outward so that the DV 5V can be both charged and recorded.

1080P video-recording flashing light:

When the machine is on if the blue light is on for a long time the standby mode will be triggered. Press the start-up button one time if the blue light flashes for three times before it is off the 1080P video-recording mode will be started. It will automatically pack and save the video each 5 minutes. Then

if you press the ON/OFF KEY for one time the blue light will be on for a long time and the machine will be back to the standby mode (there is no cycle cover function).

12 million pictures can be taken:

When the machine is started and the blue light and the standby mode is on if you press Button L for one time the yellow light will flash for one time showing that a picture of 12 million pixels (4032X3024) is taken and automatically saved.

Formatting T card:

When the machine is started and the standby mode is on if you press Button L for three seconds or so and the yellow light double flash for several seconds all contents in the Card T will be formatted.


When the system is halted the key will be invalid and it will be unable to use normally. If Button R is pressed for one time the machine will be reset for one time. It can be normally used after it is reset.

Record video when the battery is charged:

Insert T card externally insert USB TV cable and externally connect 5V USB power supply or Charger Baby 1080P camera mode of the machine will be started directly. If it is not stopped manually it will be recorded till the card is full or till there is no power. You can also stop video-recording manually and switch to any mode.

TV OUT mode:

Connect USB TV cable and connect the TV video screen when it is on you can see images on the TV screen . At that time you can take photos and record pictures.


When the shutdown (video-recording and photographing) functioning mode is on if you need to power it off you shall press the ON/OFF button for about 2 seconds. If all blue lights are off the machine will be off. When the standby mode is on if no functions are used the machine will be automatically shut off after it is standby for one minute.

Set modification time separately:

Click the right mouse button of the computer under the seat surface of the computer and select-new-a text document to establish a figure document. After opening the document on the seat surface like what is shown in the figure edit the time and format 20151008182568 Y needed (year month day hour minutes and seconds) and save the text file. Then change the name of the new text document (TIMERSET) to the pattern . Copy it to TF card and insert it to the machine. Then connect it with the machine by the USB data cable and insert it to the computer. Open the USB flash disk and press R "reset" push-button after seeing the TXT file. Then click USB flash disk the file will disappear. Then wait for several seconds. After the system is started and the TXT file disappears under the USB flash disk mode unplug the product and use it again. At that time the TXT file has been written to the machine as required.

The same operations shall be done when time watermarks unneeded are to cancel. You only need to modify Y and N distinction at the tail of the TXT file. Their content formats are as follows:

Reference style: 1: 20151008182568 Y (the time watermark is displayed) 2: 20151008182568 N (the time watermark is not displayed)

Attention: a.Please make sure that T-flash (Micro SD) card has been inserted into the product. With no card inserted the two-flash function of the red blue light will not be normally used.

b.Please aim the camera at the objects when there is sufficient lighting. There shall be a distance of 50cm or more between it and the subject so as to get correct and stable images with natural color clear scenery.

Connect the computer:

The computer can all be connected directly during the starting-up mode the standby mode and the shutdown mode. It will be used as a USB flash disk after it is connected to the computer. At that time files can be copied cut and pasted deleted freely and the USB flash disk can be formatted.

Insert this machine to the USB port of the computer. The logo of removable disks will pop up from the computer after several seconds. If the blue indicator light is on the USB device will be recognized so as to transmit the data. The yellow indicator light which is on shows that the battery is charged.

Prompt: a. After this machine is connected to the computer if the computer can not recognize it or if the logo of removable disk can not pop up after 30 seconds please reset it and plug it again.

b. T card reader is suggested to be used to directly read and play video files. If the video files stored in internal memory of the this video recorder is directly played by the USB the video may not be played smoothly because of the low transmission speed.

Relevant parameters

Items Relevant parameters

Video format AVI

Video coding H.264

Video resolution 1920X1080P

Video frame rate 30 fps

Play software Play software of the operating system or the main media player software

Picture format JPG

Imaging scale 4:3

Support system Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista Mac os Linux

Battery capacity 950mAh

Working hours About 100 minutes

Battery charging voltage DC-5V

Port type Mini 8Pin USB

Storage support TF card

Battery Type Lithium-ion polymer battery with high capacity