1080P Full HD mini kamera su įsijungimu nuo judesio

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Product feature

High-quality image high definitionHD 1080P DV DC

Handy shape design portable hand-hold DV DC

Support network camera with internet chat function

Record high definition video under low-light

Video format is 1920 times 1080P 60 frames per second

Motion detection video

High-speed transmission USB2.0 port

Support T-flash card with 64G maximum

Built-in lithium battery can continuously record camera for 80 minutes

Operation instruction


The machine has built-in chargeable lithium battery please charge the battery when initial using the machine. The charging ways are as follows:

1).Connect with computer to charge use USB to connect with the computer.

2).Charge and record at the same time it can record and charge as well(external USB 5V charger).

3).Red light shows the battery is full.

Attention: when the battery is insufficient and the T card is full DV red and blue lights will quick flash and access protection state directly. (Save files and auto power-off) the recorded files are saved at the moment please charge the machine.

Motion detection:

Motion detection mode video under standby mode please press ON/OFF button once the blue light normally on and the red light flashes means motion detection every 3 minutes is an AVI file package after 3 minutes if it detects object motion it will record automatically otherwise it will standby for long time until the battery is dead. If you want to exit motion detection mode press ON/OFF key once or press mode key for 2 seconds to stop motion detection returning to standby mode with red light on.

TV OUT mode:

Connect USB TV cable starting up and connecting with TV the view screen can see image through TV screen then you can take a photo record a camera and use motion detection.

Power off:

Under stop (camera shooting camera and motion detection) function mode press ON/OFF key for4 seconds to turn off the machine the red and blue lights off means power off. Or under standby mode without using any functions key standby for 1 minute to auto power off.


If the machine is system halted and the keys are invalid user can reset the machine. Press ON/OFF key and mode key at the same time for about 3-4 seconds to reset with all indicators off after reset the machine can work well.


a. Please make sure that the T-flash (Micro SD) card has been inserted into the product. If not the red and blue lights will double flash and the machine cannot work.

b. The maximum available capacity of T-flash (Micro SD) is 64G.

c. Please under adequate illuminating environment align the object with the camera lens and keep the distance with object above 50cm to obtain the correct natural clear and colorful image.

One cable with three functions:

USB with TV cable

1:Can plug in the computer to charge the machine and transmit data.

2:Can plug in TV OUT screen display.

3:Can external plug in DV 5V to achieve charge and record at the same time.

Starting up and recording:

Please confirm the T-F card has been inserted into the product (if starting up the machine without inserting the T-F card the red and blue lights will quick flash for 10 seconds and auto power-off if starting up and standby without entering any functions the machine will power-off automatically after 1 minutes TF card is full or the battery is out of power the red and blue lights will double flash for 5 seconds and power-off and save the files automatically .


Starting up and the red light bright for a long time means standby then press mode key one time to take a picture with blue light flashing (12 million pixels 4032X3024).

Camera shooting:

Under standby mode hold press mode key for 2 seconds with red light flashing to start record (1920 times 1080P) 60 frames per second and it will automatically save an AVI file per 3 minutes Press ON/OFF to stop record or press mode key for 2 seconds to stop record if record the video until the card is full or the battery is dead the red and blue lights will double flash and save the files and power-off automatically.

Charge and record at the same time:

Insert the USB cable external insert 5V USB power plug or charger baby the machine will directly enter 1080P camera shooting mode it will record until the card is full of the battery is dead without manual stop

Time modify setting:

Connect computer U flash disk mode by USB after modifying the time of TIMERSET.TXT of accessory disk copy TXT file to U flash disk mode content. Pull out USB cable and restart DV and then the RTC time watermark will be in the system same way to delete the time watermark. Content format such as:

1: 20130508142432 Y

Video file is 1920 times 1080P(with time watermark display)

2: 20130508142432 N

Video file is 1920 times 1080P(without time watermark display)

Connect computer:

Under standby and power-off state the machine can connect with the computer and be regarded as U flash disk to freely copy paste and delete files and format the U flash disk.

Insert the machine to computer USB port after several seconds the computer will popup removable disk sign and the blue indicator will be on to indentify USB device to transmit data the red indicator on means charging and off means the battery is full.


a. After connecting with the computer if the computer cannot recognize it or there is no removable disk sign popup within 30 seconds please reset and insert again.

b. Suggest using T card reader to read the video file directly because if using USB to play the video file saved in the camera sometimes the data is too big and the transmission will be slow the play will be unsmooth.

Computer camera function:

PC camera function(option)

After installing disk DRIVER it can be considered as camera. Under power off state hold press MODE key and insert USB device into computer for several seconds and then it can be used as camera

Relevant parameter

Item Relevant parameter

Video format AVI

Video coding M-JPEG

Video resolution ratio 1920 times 1080P FULL HD

Video frame rate 60fps

Player Operating system built-in or main

stream player

Picture format JPG

Image proportion 4:3

Support system Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista

Mac os Linux

Battery capacity 300mAh

Working time About 80 minutes

Charging voltage DC-5V

Interface type Mini 8Pin USB

Save support TF card

Battery type High power capacity polymer lithium