Full HD 1080P mini kamera HDMI

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I Product features

1.Unique appearance design external TF card slot strong concealment

2. HD camera with 10 million pixels clear shooting image with 1080P effect

3. HD MOV format with H.264 coding recording audio and video simultaneously

4. Video resolution: 320 240 30 frames 1280 720 30 frames 1920 1080 15 frames (optional).

5 Independent camera functions: the pixel of the photo can reach 4032 3024.1200 million

6. Built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium.

II Operation instructions

1 Turn on the camera: short press the power button once the blue light is on after quickly flashing for 5 times the machine comes into standby mode.

2. Recording video: in standby mode (the blue light is on) press the function button once the blue indicator light goes out after slowly flashing for 5 times and comes into the video recording status. If you want to stop recording the video press the function button once and the machine will stop and save the video file. The video file will be saved automatically every 10 minutes.

3. Taking photos: in standby mode short press the mode switch button once then the blue light flashes once and enters exposal mode. Every short press done to the function button will make the blue indicator flash once and a photo is taken then short press the mode switch button again to exit the exposal mode.

4 Separate sound recording: in standby mode press the mode switch button twice to recording mode a short press for the function button will have the blue indicator flash at constant speed which means that it enters recording mode and then press the function button once to stop separate sound recording for returning to standby mode.

5. Motion detection recording: in standby mode carry out a short press for the power button and therefore the blue indicator goes out after 5 quick flashes at this time the machine goes into the motion detection recording mode. The motion detection recording generates a file automatically every minute and continues recording automatically. In motion detection recording mode the camera is activated when someone moves in front of the camera otherwise it will enter standby status. In motion detection mode the camera is consuming power (even it is not recording). That is merely for saving storage space but not saving electricity. In state of motion detection recording stop motion detection status and return to standby mode by short press for function button.

6. Turn off the camera: in the standby mode (or other power on modes) conduct long press for power button and the blue indicator will go out and the machine will shut down.

7. The computer camera: turn on the camera and connect it to the computer at the same time keep pressing the function button until the ding-dong sound is heard open my computer and the web camera can be seen.

8. Connect to the computer: turn on the camera and connect to the computer with data line the computer can identify the removable disk.

Notice: when the camera is in a shutdown state and connects to the computer it is to charge the machine and the green indicator is on until it is full charged.

9. Charge: this product can be charged when connecting to computer by USB port which can be charged through the special USB 5V charger as well in shutdown model when it connects to the charger the green indicator is on until it is fully charged.

10. HDMI output link: connect the HDMI cable to the LCD TV or the displayer long press the power button then the machine starts with image on LCD screen short press the function button to display the video file or photo short press the function button again to stop displaying the video file or the photo. Short press the power button to choose the video file circularly while conducting two quick short presses for power button the video file will be displayed by fast-forwarding long press the power button for shutdown purpose.

11 time setting of video file

The methods of time and watermark setting:

A. Turn on the power of the product mdash mdash 》connect to the computer mdash mdash 》open the removable disk mdash mdash 》create a new file in the blank space in the root directory and rename it as rdquo timeset.txt rdquo .

B. Open the file rdquo timeset.txt rdquo to set the time in ldquo d rdquo in the following formats: 2012.01.01 12:00:.00 Y (N) represents12:00:00 on January 1 2012. Y refers to displaying with time watermark and N refers to displaying without time watermark.

12. Video resolution setting:

The machine has 3 video resolutions: 1440 1080,1280 720,and 320 240. It can be set freely according to different requirements in following ways: edit a text file rdquo sizeset.txt rdquo when the content is 0 the resolution is set as 1920 1080 when the content is 1 the resolution is set as 1280 720 when the content is 2 the resolution is set as 320 240. This text file is named lsquo sizeset.txt rdquo and save the file into the built-in disk root directory by connecting to the computer and then by disconnecting and resetting the machine the video resolution will be reset.

13.Can be recording while charging with power for long time.

IV. Correlative parameters

Item Relevant parameters

Video format MOV

Image encoding H.264

Video resolution 320 240 30 frame 1280 720 30 frame 1440 1080 15frmae optional

Camera resolution 4032 3024

Player software Comes with operating system or the mainstream audio-video player software

Picture format JPG

Supporting system Windows me/2000/XP/2003/vista;Mac os 10.4; Win7

Charge voltage DC-5V

Interface category MINI 5 Pin USB,HDMI MicroSD TF

Battery type High-capacity polymer lithium-Ion battery,battery capacity:500MA