Naktinio matymo kamera 1080P palaiko judesio aptikimą

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Product features

High quality high-definition images FULL HD1080P DV DC

Import OV9712 and hd camera

Compact design portable handheld DV DC

Under low illumination hd video recording can be performed

Video format for:1280X720P

Video format for:1920X1080P

Mode for taking pictures:12M(4032X3024)

Motion detecting video:720P and 1080P

USB 2.0 interface of high speed transmission

Biggest can support 32 gb T - flash CARDS

Support TV OUT TV monitor video connection

Built-in lithium battery sustainable camera up to 100 minutes

Operation instruction


The machine built-in rechargeable lithium battery first time using this machine please charge can be charged by the following way:

1) Connect computer charging the use of USB connect with computer

2) Can charge while recording video can also charge (an external USB 5 v charger or mobile treasure).

3) After charging long bright blue light full of red and blue lights long said charge (red and blue lights please charge again more than 30 minutes to ensure that battery is 100 )

Note: 1: when the battery is insufficient T recorded in the card is full DV red and blue light will flash for 5 seconds after directly into protection state of shutdown (save the file and automatically shut down) recording file has been saved at this time please charge on this machine

2: Products without a card red and blue lights flash for 5 seconds automatically power off at the same time

3: No work after boot mode 1 minute automatic shutdown

One cable with three functions:

USB with TV cable 1: Can be inserted into the computer for the machine is charging and data transmission

2: Can plug in TV OUT screen display.

3: Can insert DV 5 v charger while external record.

720 p video not flash:

Click ON OFF button to boot boot blue light normally ON click ON the switch machine under the blue lights flash 3 out of 720 p video video process lamp don't suggest a segmented automatically save 5 minutes continuous video cycle cover click the switch button again to stop video back to the blue light normally ON standby mode.

1080 p video not flash:

Boot blue light long on standby mode press the mode button red and blue lights long for 1080 p video mode click the switch machine button once again blue lights out under the red light flashing on the long 3 5 minutes for 1080 p video a piecewise continuous recording save automatically cycle cover click the switch machine again to stop video go back to the standby mode.

Picture 12 million:

On standby mode press mode button for 2 times long red light for picture mode then click on buttons flash a red light photo 1 12 million pixels (4032 x3024) automatically saved

Infrared lamp open closed:

Open: boot any standby mode press and hold the ON/OFF 2 seconds under the red light flash 2 infrared night vision lamp open can see video

Close: infrared night-vision light no standby mode press and hold the ON/OFF 2 seconds the red light flash 3 to shut down the infrared night vision underthe lamp.

Motion detecting mode(720P-1080P)

720 p motion detecting: in blue light standby mode press mode key for 3 seconds red light flashing on the long 3 under blue lights open motion detecting video mode both have detected objects move after red and blue lights flash for 720 p mobile video at the same time a period of five minutes automatic packaging to save don't cover cycle cover there is no moving object standby all the time without electricity or T card record. (click on any button 1 exit motion detecting mode)

1080 p motion detecting: in the red and blue lights normally on 1080 p video mode long press the mode button for 3 seconds flash 3 red blue lights flash 3 after a long bright red into the open mobile video mode both have to detect moving object red and blue lights flash for 1080 p mobile video at the same time a period of five minutes automatic packaging to save don't cover cycle cover without moving object standby until electricity or T card record so far. (click on any button once launched motion detecting mode).

Filling record:

insert the T card external insert USB TV line the external USB 5 v power supply or charging treasure machines directly into 720 p video mode no manual stop has been recorded at the card with or without power can also be manually stop video switch any mode.

TV OUT mode:

connect USB TV line the boot after TV video can see through the TV screen images this can take photos and videos motion detecting use.

Invalid reset:

machine crashes buttons can't normal use can use a sharp object to reset reset hole insert to the machine can use normally after reset.

Power off:

in the stop (video pictures motion detecting) function mode the need to shut down long press ON/OFF button for 6 seconds or so see the red and blue lights to turn it OFF. Or in standby mode without using any power function can standby for 1 minute automatic shutdown.

Time to change the setting on its own:

In computer seat surface state right click the mouse button select-new-text documents the desktop to set up a document as shown in figure after open a text document compile time their need Minutes when the format(Y M D H M S)20150908182568 Y after save the text file Then put the name changed to a new text document(TIMERSET) Through the USB cable to connect to the machine plugged in to a computer a U disk mode to save a good text files are copied to the U disk mode under the root directory of as shown in figure

( ) Then remove the USB cable press A button to open A DV RTC build watermark was written to save time (read U disk inserted into the computer again TTMERSET file disappeared. Don't need time watermark is also operating mode mainly is the tail of the Y and N difference. Content format is as follows:

Reference style: 1: 20150908182568 Y (Have the time watermark)

2: 20150908182568 N (No time watermark)


a.Please be sure to confirm the product has been inserted in the T - flash (Micro SD card. In the absence of card products double flashing red and blue lights can't normal use

b.Please in sufficient lighting conditions is taken by the camera to like and subject to keep a distance of more than 50 cm this will be correct the color is natural the scenery is clear the stability of the images.

Connect the computer:

On standby and off can be connected directly to the computer connect the computer after can be used as a U disk files are free to copy and paste delete format the U disk.

Insert the machine into the computer USB port the computer will pop up a few seconds after removable disk logo the blue indicator to identify USB device can carry out data transmission the red indicator for charging the red light is full of.


a. After the machine to connect the computer if the computer can't identify or still did not pop up in 30 seconds removable disk logo please reset to plug again.

b. Suggest using the T card reader directly read the video files to play and play directly by USB connection in the video file in this video recorder built-in memory may be because the data volume is too big transport couldn't keep up with to play not smooth.

Item Relevant parameter

Video format AVI

Video coding M-JPEG

video resolution ratio 1280X720P 1920X1080P

Video frame rate 30 fps

Player software operating system or bring the mainstream video player software

Picture format JPG

Image proportion 4:3

Support system Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista Mac os Linux

Battery capacity 200mAh

Working time About 100 minutes

Charging voltage DC-5V

interface type Mini 8Pin USB

Storage support TF card

battery type High capacity polymer lithium electricity