8GB H264 720P Waterproof LED Night vison Watch DVR with Alone Voice recorder

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This Product is the world rsquo first high tech infrared sports DV watch which is also coming with high definition LED lighting and waterproof features.

In terms of design and manufacture it is made strictly according to the standard technology of 3 degree waterproof (under water to 30 meters) But due to the special structure of this product the waterproof feature of it is just designed to avoid a small amount of liquid or dusts from getting inside the case of this product and cause the damage in the daily life But not to be used under water. So please make it work strictly following the the guideline of manual.

otherwise.The warranty will be void if the damage is caused by Improper use

Note:Please check the sealing cushion on he USB sealing knob is off If yes please do not use it as a waterproof knob but to be replaced by the backup Immediately

Function introduction

H.264 High definition camera function 2、Separate recording functions3 Camera function 4、Infrared night vision camera function 5、LED Illumination(Auxiliary camera lighting)functions 6、interface auto Adjustment function7、Emergency File Save function 8、5M waterproof microphones

Operation instructions

Use before you go :

Advice :the USB cable should be connected to the watch first before you connect to the PC

This product is made of precision electronic components please just touch the button gently but no very hard when operation to avoid the damage of the button. please press the A button and C button at the same time to re-set the machine when it is crashed also please install the driver coming with the product first before you are going to use PC camera

1 Standby :Long press on A button to start ,it get into standby status when Blue light keeps on

2 Video operation:In standby mode,short press on A button ,it starts video recording when the blue light flash thrice

3 Infrared night vision turn on:under recording status,to turn on infrared light by a short press on B button to make the blue light flashes once

4 Camera:In standby mode,to finish once picture taking action by first a short press on B button to make the red light keeps on and then a short press on A button

5 Recording:In standby mode,to finish separate recording by a short press on B button twice to make the red and blue light keeps on and then a short press on B button

6 Emergency file saving:in normal camera or recording normal circumstances the file can be saved automatically to avoid to be covered cycle by the next video when the product is subjected to lashing of Certain intensity

7 LED assist light turn on :In any state,to turn on the LED light by long press on B button and long press again to power off it

8 Interface auto adjustment :In Camera state,the camera will automatically adjust the screen eagle based on the gravity sensing feature

9 Waterproof microphone:this product is used a specialized 5M Waterproof microphone please not do not worry the malfunction of the microphone cased by the soaking as the hole of the microphone has been taken of treatment of waterproof

10 Set video recording time:the PC is shown a rdquo removal dish ldquo when this product is connected to Computer in power off state. Open the wordpad or notepad in .txt format in Windows system and key in 2012.01.24 13:30:30 Y Rename the file with time.txt and save it into the Root directory of the removal disk disconnect the USB cable and start the camera or photographs you will find the time and date will be updated as new setup

11.Network camera:To connect this product by USB cable to PC in power on state My PC is shown ldquo Standard Camera rdquo which means this product is now used as a network camera Besides please install the driver of camera in the CD or provided by the distributors frist if it is your first time to use it as a PC camera in your PC

12 Exception handling:Please reset the camera by press the mode button and power on/off button at the same time when it is stopped working due to improper

operation or other special reasons


Item Parameter

Video format MOV

Video Coding H264

Video Resolution 1280 720

Player software mainstream movie and music playback software

Picture format JPG

Picture resolution 4032 times 3024

System support Windows2000/xp/2003/vista/win7;Mac os 10.4;Linux;

Voltage DC-5V

Interface Mini 8 Pin USB

Memory type TF

Battery type High-capacity polymer lithium battery